Professional Ethics Program
Counseling Seniors We all work with seniors and the family members who participate in their decision making - tackling some of their most important life isues such as their health care, independence, living arrangements and finances. It is important not only that we do so in the most ethical manner possible but also that the public has faith in the way we go about our businesses and formulate the advice we dispense. As NARC continually strives to establish and maintain ethical practice standards, we count on the input and experiences of all of our members to assure that we are addressing the issues that senior serving professionals are likely to face. The information and perspective provided by participants at our Roundtables form the basis for our Retirement Counselor Code of Conduct. CLICK HERE to learn about recent or upcoming Ethics Roundtable programs

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To assure that senior serving professionals have the training, network and resources to allow them to serve as counselors to their clients, customers and prospects; committed to advising each on how their needs may best be served and able to direct them to the providers that can best meet those needs.


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